Riding more of Baja’s rugged terrain marked by some sizable boulders threatening the road’s stability, we pressed onward with determination. Despite the challenges, well-crafted bypasses eased our journey through the Palo Blanco trees and Pitaya Dulce cacti adorning the hillsides. Transitioning into expansive ranchlands, we revelled in the serenity of lazy streams meandering through palm and mesquite, nurturing life as they flowed over smoothed granite stones.

Imagining the joy of the indigenous people and missionaries who once relied on these waters, we marvelled at the evolution of the landscape, now burgeoning with fruit trees and grapevines for sacramental wine production. As we ventured into the emerging wine country, our path eventually led us to Martha and Doug near Baja Conception, where we enjoyed a restful and enlightening evening. With our bikes and bodies refreshed and spirits rejuvenated, we heeded the call of the grey whales in Laguna San Ignacio, eager for the next chapter of our adventure.

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