No One Told Me It Was THIS Tough! – Riding El Camino del Diablo, The Devil Highway (PART 2 OF 3) The 130-mile journey traversed varied terrains, primarily deep sandy washes and sharp volcanic rocks. No one told me it was going to be THIS tough! Yet, even the rough stuff couldn’t deter our KTM 500 EXC-Fs, as they conquered each challenge with remarkable ease and grace. This biblical ride pushed me beyond my comfort zone, shedding irrational fears that had immobilized me in the past.

Meanwhile, Jase navigated the challenges with his usual Dakar-rad readiness. Our campervan companions, Beth, Ken, and the ever-charming Floki became indispensable allies, providing support and even a touch of therapy. When the ride became overwhelming, Floki offered comfort in his endearing way – kissing my nose and performing his signature move of leaning his backside against my leg. A sweetheart indeed.

While I may have narrowly avoided having any “offies” (unlike Jase!), my finesse up on the pegs was akin to a raccoon on meth. Still, the experience elevated my off-road and sand-riding skills. An unforgettable adventure, marked by camaraderie, conquered challenges in the demonic sand – it’s not called the Devil Road for nothing – and the unwavering support of friends and furry companions. 🏍️🐾🌟


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