Weego 22 Portable Battery Jump-Starter

Four years on the road through 21 countries, a single charge from Weego has given us a ‘get out jail free’ card four times. Once by resurrecting an extinguished cell battery on my F650GS off-road in mainland Mexico until the bike turned over and fired up consistently in minutes. And thrice stirring a new lease of life back to the stator on Jason’s F800GS—deep inside Death Valley National Park, an isolated sandy trail to the Mission San Borja on the Baja Peninsula and inside the wilds of Yosemite National Park.

Without the use of this nifty piece of kit in our possession, there’s no doubt in my mind that one of the bikes would have been stranded in pretty remote regions. As full-time moto-travellers on a frugal budget, neither of us can afford roadside assistance, and because we love exploring in far-flung places off the beaten track, who knows when a Good Samaritan furnished with cables would have jumped to the rescue.

Value-added features

The jacket pocket-sized wonder will jump-start your motorcycle. In fact, it’ll swing practically anything on wheels with a 5-liter gas or 2.5-liter diesel engine into jump-start action. That applies to boats, too. With a surprising amount of gumption packed into the handheld unit, Weego 22 steers you through an error-free process of lights, leads with tapered tips for hard-to-reach battery terminals and idiot-proof alarms to guide even the least gadget-oriented person or the most mechanically challenged of us all.

Designed with power on both sides give rise to an optimum connection. Additionally, the unique, patented Smarty Clamps® demand little exertion to open wide and clamp down securely compared to previous models used. The cables reach that little bit further and thankfully, don’t entangle easily.

Living with Weego

What I appreciate perhaps the most about this box of tricks (no bigger than a smartphone) is that no pre-requisite expertise is required. If you misuse the scissor-style clamps, no nasty spark will ensue; just a light bulb moment in your head thanks to the internal “anti-spark, reverse polarity, connection detection, over-heat and power surge protections”. Foolproof comes as standard.

With an IP65 rating for water, dust and dirt resistance, it can be operated in all conditions—perfect for our rides through the elements. An added bonus is the weather-resistant pouch to keep all of the kit-parts together. Indeed, it’ll work while it withstands temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Use of a lithium-ion battery means a single 2.5-hour charge leaves you loaded with over a year of standby power where there’s 1,000 charging cycles at your disposal.

Handy for everyday

Overcoming urgent situations aside, Weego 22 super-juices up any single USB device employing Detect-o-Matic technology. Namely, charges faster than normal because it automatically detects the maximum speed allowable by the device. Smart. Agreeably, we speed-charge the smartphones, one at a time. Providing it can draw sufficient power, there’s ability to charge mini-speakers, tablets and headlamps as well—just about anything with a USB. Using the handy hook and lanyard, I also love hanging the bright 250 Lumen flashlight built into the unit around the campsite, which lasts 7 hours in standard flashlight mode. Ideal when working on the bikes at night, too.


Marketed within the high-performance jump starters range, Weego 22 is designed for emergencies—powerful enough to kick-start your moto, car, ATV, SUV and boat but compact enough to stow in the tank bag. Beyond convenient when your battery is totally devoid of spark. Moreover, practical for everyday use. I can vouch that there’s nothing complicated about the unit and I’m the least mechanically minded out there. For me, that’s priceless. Backed by an 18-month warranty and equipped with safety features that keep you and your vehicle out of harm’s way, it really is the Leatherman of portable power sources. It’s our roadside assistance policy and I wouldn’t be without mine. myweego | $99.99


  • Jump-starts 95 percent of what’s on the road today including all motorcycles plus boats, ATVs, and jet skis/PWCs
  • Safe, simple and reliable operation for anyone – from the average Joe to the seasoned Pro!
  • Quick charger of USB devices
  • Tactical-grade, multi-functioning flashlight
  • Weather-resistant, ultra-portable design


  • Minimal size and power output mean sacrificing a 12V adapter output for accessories: tire pumps, camping equipment, et cetera.

Battery Capacity: 20Wh                       

Max Output: 5V or 9V/2.4A                

Max Input: 5V/3A

Volts: 12V                                                  

Weight: 0.65-lbs                                      

Dimensions: 6.25″ x 3.175” x 0.75”