KLIM Mammoth Socks


Put a sock in it

Thanks to the Terry construction, the Klim Mammoth socks are likely the warmest socks available on the market; certainly they’re Klim’s warmest and thickest sock designed to enhance the performance of boots, particularly Gore-Tex ones by wicking moisture away from the skin, allowing the foot to stay warm and dry even in the harshest environments. Do they live up to their technical claims? Absolutely.

Living in the socks

I’ve put mine to the test by hiking the a good portion of the Lake District in December, as well as motorcycling in the mind-numbing depths of Canada’s springtime through BC and the Yukon Territory. Luxuriously chunky, they perform optimally when worn with my Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex boots (or without for that matter), where they consistently wick away the moisture.

Furthermore, are just as much a godsend when your feet are particularly nesh like mine, susceptible to suffering from the cold as temperatures plummet. They wash well but be careful not to snag on any Velcro around your boots, saddlebags or tent for example—it’ll eat them for breakfast.

Construction and materials

Largely merino wool, the sock has a blend of Lycra with a touch of polyamide, which give the sock its insulating properties, as much as the ability to wick away the sweat. There’s reinforcement in the sole, heel, toe and ankle, as well as a support band in both the ankle and arch, allowing your feet to stay warm, happy and dry during your outdoor endeavours. Perfect for just about any outdoor backcountry pursuit, I adore my mammoths and wouldn’t ride the thousands of miles I do in my boots without them.


I don’t care where I am, how stunning the scenery is—if the cold starts to burrow through my feet like a worm, then I can’t concentrate on much else. Blocks of ice for feet are about as much fun as a funeral. For me it’s a no brainer: stay cosy when cold weather riding in these incredibly warm feats of fabric engineering.

Warm feet = happy feet = happy wife = happy life!