Petzl Myo RXP Head torch

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Petzl Myo RXP Head torch review

In the hopes of not wishing to let the darkest of nights stop my adventure, the Petzl Myo RXP Head torch is a powerful, high-performance light. My partner and I are using ours on an overland odyssey, motorcycling from Argentina to Alaska, camping in all conditions and environments.

With 11 different lighting modes ranging from a modest 20 lumens all the way to a staggering 370 (in boost mode), it has the ability to provide the right amount of light for hiking, trail running, or hanging out around camp, and it can burn for up to 50 hours before the batteries need replacing. The MYO includes 3 AA alkaline batteries and is compatible with lithium ones but I prefer the rechargeables, as they provide the longest burn time. Before the juice runs out, the MYO thoughtfully warns me when the batteries are 70% and 90% discharged, so I always know how much time I have left.


In addition to the multiple brightness modes, the MYO lets me choose between Constant and Standard lighting. In Constant lighting, the brightness does not gradually decrease as the batteries drain; it then switches to reserve mode, which broadcasts three lumens for 50 hours, when the batteries near the end of their lives. Standard mode dims as the batteries die, but gives me a longer lifespan if serious brightness isn’t as essential.


The MYO also comes with an optional top strap for extra stability, and boasts a water-resistant construction that lets me hike or run in the rain without zapping myself. As expected, the wide-angle flip lens shifts instantly from a wide, proximity flood beam to a focused spot beam for long-range vision. Affixed to a swivel, I can also direct the light as I desire while maintaining plenty of light on my chosen task or subject. Perfect for night time photography. The top strap provides additional stability when needed for running, climbing or other fast-paced activities.

Is the MYO my incandescent beacon of hope on the darkest of nights? Absolutely.

Published review.

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