Jason and I had the pleasure of engaging in a Podcast with Overland Journal’s Ashley Giordano – pop the kettle on, make a cuppa and put your feet up.

(Published here on Expedition Portal – a joy and privilege to also win the coveted award: 2022 Overlanders of the Year!)

2 comments on “Four Wheeled Nomad on the Pros and Cons of Four Wheels Versus Two

  1. You guys 👍👍👊💥. SO AWESOME 😎

    I studied Hindu meditation for 8 years through the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation in California. Teacher was Eknath Eshwaran. Many moons ago! It is a wonderful discipline to be able to calm your mind, rid yourself of likes and dislikes and pop the rusty cap off the cracked bottle to find that it’s filled with pure, clean, glistening, fresh water 💦

    Love and take good care, mates❣️
    Lenny & Marty

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